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Why do I have discoloured water?2020-06-16T22:45:38+01:00
Drinking water from your tap will normally look clear and bright with no visible particles. On rare occasions, it might appear yellow, orange, brown, cloudy or black. Discoloured water is usually due to the disturbance of rust deposits that have formed when there has been localised corrosion in the water pipe. Some drinking water sources may contain higher levels of naturally
occurring iron or manganese. This may result in settlement within water mains. Under normal circumstances, the presence of these settled deposits in water mains has no effect on water quality but when unavoidable changes are made to the direction of flow of your water or when essential maintenance work is being carried out on the water mains they can be re-suspended to cause discolouration.
If you have any further concerns, call us on 0800 511 8090.
Should I monitor my water consumption?2020-06-16T23:15:22+01:00

Customers are recommended to keep their own records of water usage by taking regular meter readings and comparing them with previous readings – you only need to read the black on white or white on black numbers. This will give you a rough idea of your ‘normal’ usage. If there is a sudden increase in consumption that cannot be explained, you may have a leak on your supply pipe. If you cannot read your meter because of dirt, condensation or for any other reason, please contact us on 0800 511 8090.

How do I check if there is a leak on my supply pipe?2020-06-16T23:16:08+01:00

If there is a sudden increase in your usage of water that cannot be explained, you may have a leak on your supply pipe. In such circumstances, we would recommend that you take the following steps:

  • Take a meter reading
  • switch off your internal stop tap (usually found where the water main rises in the property)
  • leave the supply turned off for at least 12 hours (you may find it more convenient to do this at night)
  • do not use any water during the time that the stop tap is switched off
  • after 12 hours, take another meter reading.


If the reading is the same, you do not have a leak.

If the reading has changed, please contact us on 0800 511 8090 for advice and assistance.